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I received a 'free' honeymoon to the Caribbean for going to a sales pitch for $2000 cook ware sets. It winds up costing $178 plus airfare, but still a good deal.

Anyways, when I try to pay, it tells me I have insufficient funds. I used the online chat feature to find out what the issue was after I double checked my bank account. I was told that I cannot use a debit card to pay for it. My card can be used as a credit card.

That wont work. She says it has to be a credit card that comes from a bank or credit union. It is a bank card. But she says its not a real credit card.

So.....I guess I have to first apply for a credit card, then pay for this vacation....then pay the interest on the credit card that I have applied for. This makes absolutely no since, and I have never before used a website that wont allow you to use a bank card.

Product or Service Mentioned: Odenza Marketing Vacation Package.

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